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Our ordering and payment methods have changed. Paypal, which we have used for years, suddenly no longer allows us to include their name and logo for the page on which we offer kratom or to sell directly online. According to Paypal kratom is something that can be described as a "narcotics, steroids, certain controlled substances, products that present a risk to consumer safety or drug paraphernalia". Just so you know, Paypal indirectly categorizes us all as drug users. Paypal has failed to show us in what way kratom is harmful or where their conclusions came from.

As a result our order page http://www.bikhuk.com/p/buy-kratom.html has slightly changed as well, since we had to find a temporarily solution. After you select your order you will be presented an order form. After receipt of your form we will directly send you payment details or an invoice with instructions. We have alternatives for our existing customers who used paypal, so they will be able to transact in a similar way as they were used to.

Meanwhile we are working hard to implement a new order system with more payment options. Soon we will include a way to pay direct with the major creditcards as well, for your convenience.

Besides the regular options, you can currently also use Western Union and Bank wire's (we have an EU bank account for our European customers) .

Below the news for April, there has been some new events the last few weeks, so the posting has been updated a bit. But since the legal questions remain actual and since it concerns many of us, we will keep this info online for the time being. Most important note and update is that kratom is legal in all US states, despite the uncertainty and despite the initiatives taken by a few misinformed legislators.

And finally, as for our new "all-in-1" offer, this was even a bigger hit in May compared to any other month!:)
See for more details below.

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150 grams or 5.3 ounces of each of our 8 powders, stem and vein as well as a sample of our extract. So totally almost 2.7lbs of pure quality powders for 149,90 USD only, shipping costs included, regardless of your location on this planet.

Great offer for any Bikhuk newbie or those who like to mix, blend and make their own powders, with this package you can make endless combinations and create your own special kratom blends.

See our Buy Kratom page  ( last offer on the page) for ordering.

After months of testing and sampling we have decided to add a new strain of kratom to our portfolio. Green Riau, named after the vein color and the region where it has been found, is a potent kratom strain from the Southwestern part of Sumatra.

Due to the location of the strain, it possesses the best properties of the known strains that are found nearby; Uplifting as our other Sumatra strains, combined with the relaxed bodily sedative properties of the Borneo strains. Meanwhile the potency and duration is on par with our other strains, so it is a welcome addition to our range of high quality powders.

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Order Size and Price drop
Those familiar with our buy kratom  page will notice that we have updated the minimum order size from 700 to 800 grams or 1.76lbs, earlier this year. This new weight makes maximal use of the weight shipped, resulting in an even better deal per gram. For the 800 gram orders of Sumatra Red, Sumatra White and Borneo Red prices are 7% cheaper.Green Malay is currently priced 15% lower than before!

Finer Grain Powder

We have received comments from our users and resellers regarding the grain of our powder. Those familiar with our kratom may have noticed our coarse grain before. To meet our customers needs we have decided to change our grinding procedure and are now supplying a finer grain of kratom powder.

The finer grain may speed up the onset of the kratom powder.

The beginning of this new year is marked by the start of our new project that will help to protect our beloved forest and trees. Starting this January, you will help by planting trees each time you buy kratom from Bikhuk. Our company signed up with the United Nation Environment Programme to replant as much as 10 hectares in the area of central Kalimantan, Indonesia.

Bikhuk's CEO, Ms Putri Wulan, has pledged to plant the first 3000 trees before the beginning of this year's wet season. By replanting various native species, including the Mitragyna Speciosa and other rare trees, we will try, among others, to preserve the biodiversity that is so unique in this area. On the other side we will closely work together with the native population to ensure protection by offering livelihood alternatives. We hope that these initiatives will raise more awareness of the need for forest preservation, together with our customers, resellers and colleagues in the market. For each 5kg of kratom powder, leaf or other ethnobotanical herb bought, Bikhuk will plant one tree.(continued below...)

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Available now: Bali Kratom from Bikhuk!
We have already included all possible strains from the regions where kratom is growing natively in Indonesia. So why did it take so long to include Bali Kratom ?

The point is, there really isn't such a thing as Balinese Kratom. The tree is growing on other Indonesian islands, but not on Bali or Lombok, and can't even be found in Java. The main Indonesian strains (or Indo Kratom) are originating from Sumatra and Borneo (Kalimantan). So what is Bali kratom then ? ......(click read more below)

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