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More and more the US media are showing that the DEA has not been truthful in the presented facts about kratom as shown in the proposed rule of the DEA . Huffington Post's Nick Wing came with a excellent article  that reveals in details that the DEA is not doing the right thing.
Scientists wrote a letter to government officials last week expressing “grave concern” over the DEA’s plans. The doctors say "these (kratom) alkaloids could lead to the development of safer alternative pain medications that could help address a nationwide opioid epidemic largely fueled by narcotic painkillers". Yet the DEA states there is no medical value in the herb.
DEA is claiming that kratom claimed so many lives, but non is directly related to kratom only and when we study the numbers of incidents, they seem completely insignificant compared to the tens of thousands deaths each year caused by painkillers and opoid abuse.
Still less then 2 weeks to go before the ban would start. Luckily there is massive protest and the press, finally, seems to show understanding for kratom and its users.
One of the issues mentioned by the DEA concerns us a lot and has been missed mostly by reporters and critics. In their report the DEA claims that the International Narcotics Control Board (INCB), has noted "the increased interest in the recreational use of kratom" and that they recommend "controlling kratom and kratom preparations at the national level, where necessary". This is simply not true!
For example, in September 2013, Dr. Viroj Sumyai, representative of the International Narcotics Control Board, declared that "all published evidence to date indicates that kratom is safe and that no major negative health or social side effects had ever been recorded and verified empirically. "! Nor is there any sign in the INCB yearly reports that its pushing for an international ban. In contrary, INCB members like Thailand and Malaysia, where kratom nativity grows, have been acknowledging its medical value, trying to decriminalize kratom and are reviewing its legal status. If the DEA plans are pushed through, many innocent people will be criminalized for using a common herb, this is not what the DEA should be about. Still have time, see here some good practical advice from Huf. to stop this madness.


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