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Below the news for April, there has been some new events the last few weeks, so the posting has been updated a bit. But since the legal questions remain actual and since it concerns many of us, we will keep this info online for the time being. Most important note and update is that kratom is legal in all US states, despite the uncertainty and despite the initiatives taken by a few misinformed legislators.

And finally, as for our new "all-in-1" offer, this was even a bigger hit in May compared to any other month!:)
See for more details below.

Kratom’s legal status in Indiana, Iowa and Louisiana.

Governor Crowe of Louisiana was planning restrictions to the availability of kratom in his state. Thanks to the Kratom Association (KA) the Governor has revised his plans and decided to implement an age limit.  See for details the Kratom Association . We respect the plans from the Louisiana Senator and will ask new customers from this state to cooperate by sending some ID copy with the orders. (Update end of May: For a while it looked in May as if the senate had changed their mind, but due to the initiatives of Senator Crowe, who has become aware of the usefulnes of the availibity of kratom, the herb remained legally available in this state. See http://www.kratomassociation.org/forum/4-kratom-in-the-media/2125-action-required-state-of-louisiana-changed-their-minds-kratom-a-prohibited-plant- for details)

In Iowa representative Baudler has proposed similar restrictions, the KA is working hard to try to inform the state house members of the consequences for the kratom users, the outcome is not yet known and Bikhuk will continue to ship to Iowa for as long as this is legally possible. For updates we recommend checking the KA website. (Update May: The Amendments made by Baudler did not make it and so kratom remained legal as is should!, see for the whole debate and all backgrounds http://www.kratomassociation.org/forum/4-kratom-in-the-media/1357-iowa-lawmaker-wants-to-ban-kratom)

In Indiana:   This state to the initiative to put together a new bill, which is aimed to stop the spread of the so called “designer drugs”, see for details House Bill 1196.  Since this law does is however not directed to limit the distribution of the kratom herb, it is clearly not mentioned in the list. It is however the buyers own responsibility to check if there are any indications that possession of the herb itself is not in any way legally restricted. Especially when kratom's usage is restricted to purposes that are not related to human consumption.

All-In-One Kratom Offer Great Success.

The recently introduced kratom package " All -in-one"  , which contains all different varieties, is becoming one of the most popular choices for both existing and new Bikhuk kratom buyers. With 150 grams/5.3 ounces of each powder and a 5 gram sample of our extract the users have lots of options to try the kratom differences per region, like the Sumatra kratom, Green Malay, Riau, Borneo and Thai.  We also received feedback from various users who are creating their special mixes and blends, to fit their own needs. We hope to collect these mix-tips and make an overview of the best results soon. So please do share your favorite Bikhuk blends with us so we can publish these here in the coming weeks.


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