• Bikhuk is an International Trading Company specialized in supplying wholesale herbs from Asia.

    Established in 2006, Bikhuk continues to fulfill its mission to supply High Quality Natural products for a competitive price

Every week, customers and both new and established resellers discover Bikhuk... and we are happy that they do! Especially since the kratom market is very competitive and diffuse. To make things simple we give you 10 good reasons why both resellers and users chose Bikhuk as their wholesale kratom supplier.

1. High Quality Kratom Powder.
By far, the most important reason.Having a knowledgeable and well trained team and working with advanced harvesting and processing techniques simply results in a better kratom powder. Besides this, our quality is stable, regardless of the season. On top of that, all products are tested before shipping. Our resellers do appreciate this, since their customers will return. And when they do, they will expect the same high quality. Our users save extra, since they can use less kratom powder for the same effects!  About the quality of your kratom powder explains more about our process.

(check READ MORE below for the other 9 reasons)
2. Price.
Although some vendors will tell you that low prices are an indication of low quality, we see things differently.
We are able to collect kratom directly from the source, so we do not work with middlemen. Besides that the quantity of kratom sold allows us to give you the cheapest possible price, for the highest possible quality.

3. Service.
We value the relationships we have with our buyers and we focus on building good solid long term contacts. So you can expect speedy replies to your inquiries, support if needed, and round-the-clock availability. Besides that, we never let our customers down, should any problem arise.

4. Flexibility
Mixing orders? Other payment options? Blending powders? Including free kratom samples? Or, do you want your own kratom extract made? No problem! Customers and resellers can request any order to be split up amongst any of the strains. We can and do create tailor made blends for pain relief, anxiety, relaxation, extra stimulation and even special blends for fitness freaks! Just contact us and we will work on it directly.

5. 100% Natural and Organic.
All kratom powder originates from organically grown trees. No pesticides or insecticides are used on,or even in, the area of our trees. Besides this we sell only natural leaf... no additional and/or chemical substances are mixed into our powders.

6. Product safety.
Besides the organically grown leaves, we ensure the safety of our products by following strict guidelines in harvesting, processing and packaging. We also do regular lab tests to make sure that all is free of contamination.

7. 100% Satisfaction.
We do all we can to keep the quality of our products as high as possible. But in case someone is not satisfied with our kratom powder or leaves, they have the full right to return the shipment for a full refund or a new shipment. Satisfaction of our customers and resellers is our main focus.

8. Guaranteed delivery.
Buying from an international source can be worrisome for some, since it involves long distance shipping, things might get lost or damaged. It is therefore good to know that we guarantee the delivery of your order, in case an order is lost we will not let you down!  (please note that issues at customs are not covered by us, unless clearly agreed otherwise).

9. A trusted and reliable source.
We understand if some people wonder whether Bikhuk is a legitimate business; its a perfectly understandable concern when dealing online with a foreign company. We have been around since 2006... not so actively online at first, but you can find a number of reviews and feedback from various customers online now. Some good and objective sources to check are the Kratom Connoisseurs forum, Yahoo kratom group and our facebook page, which has over 1100 friends!

10. We are nice people.

Besides that, we respect our customers privacy and communicate discreetly.
Contact us for any additional comment or question.

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