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green malay kratom powderNot so long ago we "discovered" a new strain of Kratom on the Malay peninsula. After a long period of testing and searching we agreed to add this new strain to our range of kratom powders. Originating from the deep jungle and wild harvested from matured trees, we hereby introduce to you our Green Malay kratom powder.

This variety of kratom is truly unique and has its own "character". The effects are both euphoric and energizing as well as relaxing and sedative at the same time. Besides this, the effects are noticeable longer than with other powders, even up to 7 or 8 hours.

Our Green Malay is priced around 0.15 centsUS per gram. For ordering check our Buy Kratom page.

In stead of praising our own new strain, we will include some reviews from our customers who have tried our new strain. Please note these are real customers and real reviews. Please do check the sources to see more (read more below) .

M.F.W december 18 on facebook
I burned 6 grams of Green Malay at 10 this morning and now (8 hours later) i still feel that kind of relaxation that take place after the euphoric energetic rush of this leaf! Just wow!

K.S December 7 on facebook
Ho ho ho tree...that sample was absolutely incredible! Definitely the strongest burn I've done. Energy was very intense, lasting around 8 hrs.

C.D.S. December 7 on facebook
I burned 9.5 grams, + 60 mins loads of energy very uplifting. Got that nice warm fuzzy feeling generating from my stomach and radiating out to every limb of my body. Wow I am getting some of this right away. This literally hands down is better than any Kratom I have ever had before.

ST. November 29 on kratomconnoisseurs Forum
I got my Green Malay over the weekend, and after burning it a few times I'm pretty sure this is the best malay I have ever burned. It is very similar to SGM, with its long burn time....I'm going to be ordering a larger amount with my next order, thanks

T. W November 24 on Facebook
Real nice. Much more pleasant taste. Less nausea. More euphoric. A cleaner feeling altogether than the other supposedly thai source I was burning. In fact I was beginning to get a headache from the other strain and the Malay took it away!

S November 22 on kratomconnoisseurs Forum
I got my green Malay on saturday.... and wow! this is the most potent malay that i have ever had! i have never been too impressed with malaysians (the kratom, not the people), but this one is fantastic!

C.E November 15 on Facebook
Compared to Bali kratom...Its more potent!
Hmmm, similarities are there, the come up is extremely similar except where Bali gives that warm flush tingly feeling the malay is more intens and rushy on top of that. In Bali the balance then goes towards sedation, but the malay g...oes to euphoric stimulation and then equals out in a 50/50 stim/sed (this feels GREAT!). Then it burns a long time, slowly creeping to full spectrum sedation, lasting you almost 2 times longer then Bali. Great stuff if you ask me. Another point is: The malay has a very mild taste compared to Bali.

E November 14 on kratomconnoisseurs Forum
This is the Malay I've been waiting for all year. Green, fresh and that great energy and euphoria. The aroma took about 45 minutes to come on and is fantastic. Its hard to describe the energy
yet at the same time, relaxation. God bless good Malay. I'm stocking up on this leaf.

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