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Sorry for my French. Just like any other harvest, Kratom powder can also be influenced by season. Although the tree is an all year round green tree, growth of the tree differs in the tropical wet and dry season. In the dry season, which starts around March, the tree will receive more sun compared to the previous months. While in January there is averagely only around 6 hours of sun per day, it increases to around 8 to 8.5 hrs in April and May. The peak of the season is August and September, when there is an average of 9.5 sun hours per day.

Simply said (and generally speaking), more sun produces more stronger kratom leaves. The real kratom "Connoisseurs" are convinced that this seasonal differences  influence the alkaloid content of the kratom leaf and they regard the coming months kratom as an excellent quality.

Whether that is really true or not, I have just tried this years " Kratom Nouveau" and it is indeed a very nice year. But regardless of the season, Bikhuk ensures that all harvested leaves are potent. A combination of our experience with the tree, selective harvest methods and planning, as well as the advanced drying and processing techniques, all contribute to a high quality kratom powder. All orders placed with Bikhuk will include freshly harvested and dried leaves, by carefully testing each batch we ensure that all kratom leaves and powders shipped are of the same high quality, regardless of the time of year of course.
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