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This is a lovely sight. Although the FDA and the DEA in the US have expressed concerns about the Kratom Tree, former president Bush just went ahead and started to plant some himself. Angela Merkel's BfArM also has been discussing a possible ban of this fine tree, but so far no decision has been made, next discussion is probably in december 2010.

As for the recreational use of the tree, it is, compared to smoking and drinking, a lot healthier. Besides the fun part of kratom, more and more people are experiencing benefits from the kratom leaves and powders in overcoming opiate addictions, for pain relief and other herbal self-treatment.

Regardless of what the public desires and with complete lack of understanding for the tree's true nature , a growing number of governments are banning this lovely tree. It would be nice if more government officials, start respecting this beautifull gift of nature and follow the example of Bush and Merkel.

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