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Among some of our buyers there is some confusion regarding Indonesian Kratom and its strains. Probably caused by middlemen all trying to market their Kratom wares as unique and specific. Nothing wrong with that, but in fact there are just a few regional differences that really matter, for Indonesian Kratom.

Most (and especially our) Kratom is harvested from primary and secondary forest areas, simple said The Jungle.

The main areas in Indonesia where you find older (the more potent) Mitragyna Speciosa trees are in Sumatra (light green on the map) and Borneo or Kalimantan (Dark green). An other area is Papua, but due to its remote location harvest from there is not really well developed, yet.

The Sumatra strains are mostly white vein and create a nice light green powder when fresh kratom leaves are grind. The Borneo variety is more darker, due to the red veins. Both areas are very near the equator, so there is a maximum exposure to sun, resulting in the most powerful leaves.

Harvesting and aftercare are just as important as the location of the kratom tree, for creating a good kratom powder. Not all suppliers are aware that tree selection, harvesting methods, drying and processing techniques have an effect on the alkaloid content of the mitragyna speciosa leaves. Once the different varieties of powder are on the market, resellers have little choice in differentiation, hence the reason we have now names like " Super Indo", commercial Bali, standard Indonesian, Indo Pimp etc etc and quite often its claimed that certain areas produce better powder, for similar reasons.

We do not offer Super, Commercial, Indo, Pimp, Da superduber or whatever blabla Kratom, all our natural powders and crushed leaves are processed according to the same strict quality rules, to ensure that all our Kratom is high quality. Besides this, we also offer it for the most competitive prices, just check out our store and buy kratom for wholesale prices !

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